places and art -April Blog

April 2019 – New year, New places, New art…
Spring has sprung and so it goes. April is always a significant month for me because the 6th is my birthday.  And a fairly monumental one this year. Needless to say my favorite birthday quote?
“The two most important days of your life?
The day you were born and the day you discover why.”

I’m still a bit away from the full discovery of why but I will say this. Each year my creative DNA continues to percolate and encourages me to face every new day as I age with curiosity, optimism, wonder and above all else a sense of gratitude. Having just returned from a 10 day vacation in Turks and Caicos I’ve refueled and recharged and look forward to trying to harness the inspiration of the trip to move forward with my collage work. And best of all, no sunburn!
The miracle of nature has always been a big part of my art incentive. The amazing diversity of flower and fauna, the romance of an orange pink sunset, the allure of a turquoise sea. Simple elements that surround us all. Frequently overlooked, often taken for granted.
What do you think about when you celebrate your day of birth? And how can you, in the year to come, harness the subtle inspiration of all things to impact the way you continue to interpret the dreams you dream, the translation of what you see and feel to the creation of YOUR art no matter what form.
In a way, every time I see the new art of others it is like a mini vacation to be honest. Through the magic of the internet and both Instagram and Pinterest I am often whisked away to the creative destinations of fellow artisans and find constant inspiration in the diversity and the uniqueness of all art.
Safe and inspiring ‘travel’ to you all. And happy birthday to me!