October 2018 BLOG…please click here…

Dear friends:

If you’ve made it to this page I thank you most  appreciatively.  I know you have a number of website choices for art and creative accessories so I am humbled you chose mine to explore.

Every piece I create is indeed one of a kind. There may be similarities in several backgrounds but those are only in my earlier work. The elements that are used to compose each collage come from a wide range of sources and many times they are not replaceable nor replicated in any way once they are  encased in a shadowbox composition.

I encourage you to let me know how you feel about specific pieces or to contribute with any ideas you may have on content. You should also know that I can create any variety of custom shadowboxes for special people in your life who may have specific likes. Please email me specific requests for a price quote.

Many of the elements I have used for the shadowbox collages can also be used on other objects and I will be uploading a number of very cool glass bottles adorned with mixed media materials that can become beautiful and unique conversation pieces when displayed in home or office.

If you are an interior designer please know too that I can create accessory items using your client’s materials for a one of a kind accent piece designed to start many ‘conversations’.

Finally, to all gallery owners and retail shops, feel free to reach out for our wholesale price lists and custom retail programs.

Thanks. See you next month or sooner!

“Making everyday objects start a conversation…”

I remain,