“There is art in every heart and heart in all art…”

I speak creativity. It’s the language I know. It comes naturally to me. It manifests itself in the collages I create and the art I produce.  Neuroscientists still debate whether you can teach creativity. The conventional wisdom is that you either have it or not. And yet, why are some more creative than others? What determines your ability to be creative? We may never know.

Some 36 years ago, for Valentine’s Day 1983, three years after marrying my wife Sandy, and 5 months before the birth of our daughter, I was inspired to create an original piece of art as my gift to her that year. All I started with was the predictable heart image.  And that’s all I needed.

Looking at the piece today I still remember trying to explain what the artwork actually meant. The heart is filled with smaller hearts I would say. One of the smaller hearts is actually different from all of the others- it’s gold. To me, love starts in the heart. It’s often created bit by bit, growing from constant emotional events that spring from the life we live, the experiences we share and the person we are with. But in this mix of smaller hearts there’s one unique, special heart that I depicted in solid gold. I suppose this was the heart I discovered when I met Sandy. This was the one heart that was and is forever different from any other heart I experienced.

The surrounding flow of color bands running left to right and up from the bottom was, in my mind, energy.. a lava like flow of life, of change, not capable of ever piercing the heart but supporting it, enveloping it.. perhaps symbiotic – love needs energy and love creates energy. Finally, the upper area of the piece, directly above the larger heart ‘vessel’ is frenetic. It’s textural. It begs to be touched. It’s an explosive Arora Borealis generated by and from the heart… of warmth and love and overflowing power sparked by the existence of what all hearts contain and the potential all hearts hold.

 This coming February 14th, 2019, in the 39th year of our marriage, I am reminded creativity does not just happen. Something in your soul, or your heart or your mind or perhaps all three ignites. Your form of creative communication can be as simple as placing a single stem of a rose in a vase, or sharing a piece of chocolate or painting something, writing a song, a poem,  a simple smile, or embracing someone special to whisper to them how much they mean to you.  It means little if science or psychology comes up with an explanation of why we do what we do.

All that really matters is that we do it.