As 2018 draws to a close…

Five more minutes.

The 5 more minutes of staying up past your bedtime. The 5 more minutes of radiant sun before we have to pack to return home from vacation. The five more minutes of holding on to a loved one before they slip away after illness or old age takes them. The five more minutes of beaming at graduation, kvelling at a magnificent wedding, breathlessness witnessing the wonder of birth.

Happiness. Deep sleep. A favorite show. The circus. Having your back scratched. Ice cream. Validation.

Who doesn’t want 5 more minutes of that which tickles our fancy or soothes the soul?

Life is finite. No one should be so greedy as to expect that even at its best joy lasts forever.

Yet we request 5 more minutes. The exhilaration of triumphant, the glow of affection, the elation of pride, the power of achievement, the sweetness of ecstasy, the embrace of love.

Life asks little of us. Do your best. Appreciate every moment.

Time out. Time’s up. Next time. Another time. One more time. Time to go. Time to start. Overtime. From time to time. Out of time. Good times. Bad times. Time and again.

Five more minutes. We ache to stretch time to deny inevitable it’s due.

Life begins with no demands. No expectations, no prerequisites.  The clock starts ticking. 

It’s the distance between seconds that really count. That’s what determines our life’s direction. When we decide. When we leap forward. Veer off to the side. Stall. Move on. That’s when circumstance and destiny conspire to define the time we have and what we’ll do with it.

The time BETWEEN seconds are where the past and the future meet and our five more minutes begin.

Wishing you your most treasured 5 more minutes this coming year and always.

and hoping your year is happy, healthy, prosperous and the best creative year ever…